Five looks that flatter your body no matter your size

Big part of looking good, has to do with how well we know our figure and the silhouettes and proportions that work for us, since the wrong choice of clothes can visually distort a slim person’s figure. Whatever your type of body is, there are always certain points to consider, are you familiar with that style, and will it allow you to drive yourself gracefully or rather will it keep you adjusting it here and there because it rolls up on your hips? Yes, there are many boxes to tick when choosing the right dress or garment for a special ocassion or your everyday life, the good news  -there are a few gentle styles which you can’t go wrong with…

Once again, this is not about denying your body, it is in fact doing justice to it and making it look its best, obviously, you’ll take also into account, your strong points and your problem areas, we all have, cos even with the same type of body what might work for some, might not be good for others.

Straight to the point,  if chosen on the right size they will work beautifully for most body shapes….the best of all, they’re timeless so consider them as a smart wardrobe investment

Wrap dress

A fashion wonder that defies time, it’s one of most flattering styles as the V neck and crossed waist create the illusion of a slimmer torso, and can be easily adjusted to suit your measurements. The full or quarter sleeve design work in your best interest as they add elegance whilst hiding problem areas in your arms.  Best choices come in flowy fabrics such as silk, georgette, chiffon which fall beautifully

Buy silk fabrics online

Now, I know you might be thinking they look good only on the models, but here is Ashley Graham showing how her curvy body looks beautifully dressed  in a wrap dress!

A flare boot jumpsuit 

I personally have tones, – they make me look taller! Not only can the right jumpsuit make you look slimmer but yes, -taller if you choose a flare boot style, this will elongate your figure; you can even wear your favorite platforms for a few inches of elegance!

Now, I know you might be thinking they look good only on the models or they’re hard to wear, but if you want living proof, here is Ashley Graham rocking a black jumpsuit!

Monochrome power suit

Suits are structured and provide a sartorial look specially in the upper part of the body, if our shoulders are narrow or appear rounded we can create some sharpness with a tailored jacket, blazer or tuxedo, with this, 50% of our work is done. As to how to lengthen our figure, monochrome game is the way to go for the impression of continuity

Living proof suits work on a curvy body?  Well, no one better than Christina Hendricks, who now how to beautifully wear her curves!

Asymmetrical garments

Asymmetrical hems will lengthen your silhouette giving you a sexy and powerful look. Asymmetric tops can also expose the neck and shoulders and elongate your body. You can even wear both at once. Asymmetrical prints usually in stripes can also be your  best friend when it comes to creating the illusion of a slimmer figure,

Straight Pencil skirted dress 

Classic and minimal silhouettes are often the best if you want to define your figure. Pencil -not body con styles add a sartorial edge, being knee length perfect if you have considerable thighs, they also favor both tall and petite women, and are a recommended length for day to night options.


Now, these are wardrobe garments to avoid as possible, if you want to look slender or do justice to your figure…

-Sloppy clothes that don’t frame your body in the right way, the increase the illusion of rounder shoulders and bulky torso such as cardigans and bulky sweaters

-Garments with horizontal color blocking, these emphasize the illusion of volume on your torso.

– Nothing too loose and nothing too tight – the first ones emphasize your curves in unflattering way, the second ones bring lack definition.

Last but not least, embrace your body and never leave at home your best accessory – Attitude!

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The jewellery edit with Pandora

As women, we have a special need to create a correlation between our personality and the way we look, call it personal taste or simply style, we are often distinguished by personal choices, things that we do, how we act, and of course how we dress, but nothing reveals hidden clues about our identity quite like jewelry does. Whether because we are in an specific mood, dressing up our everyday garments or wanting to scream to the world here I am with statement pieces.

In my case, I’m a bit bold with my clothes, but subtle with jewelry; when it comes to bold and conspicuous accessories, I have to admit I really love to see them on others  but rarely carry them myself; whenever I’m shopping and feel tempted to grab tassel earrings or any other trendy style of the moment a little voice says go for more discreet yet significant pieces, – those I can mix and use whether for work or a night out… no wonder why I was so thrilled to style the Pandora Christmas Collection!

Synonymous with finesse and beauty, Pandora always brings the right dose of sparkle and elegance, and in its latest collection every piece has the festive feel to welcome the upcoming season while keeping a timeless and contemporary allure. The clean cut pendant necklaces are perfect to use in a layered mode, to tastefully enhance the most basic attire; of course nothing like the charm bangles for stand out touch !

The festive touch

Everyday outfit accents

In collaboration with Pandora

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Fitness myths and tips for beginners on how to lose weight and get in shape without equipment

When it comes to training and keeping a healthy weight, motivation and determination are key, but sometimes it takes a bit more than that, sometimes we get sidetracked or discouraged after an indulging weekend or simply can’t find the time go to the gym. Truth is, there are no excuses and there are endless ways in which we can keep ourselves active – So I thought I’d bring you an expert’s advice, my friend Inja from Shapedfit  a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer shared with us a few basic but essential tips as well as key information for those who want a steady but efficient workout routine – no equipment required!

A guest post by Inja from Shapedfit – Images Emma Anderson

It’s easy to fall into the trap of fitness myths as they get passed along from friends, family members or third parties. You figure it must be true because everyone says so, but is it really? A lot of fitness myths are the reason that your are not gaining your personal workout goals. Some myths are technically just harmless. However others can actually be harmful and increase the risk of injuries. Furthermore can they cause frustration and make you give up on your goal all together.

The problem that people don’t take under consideration is, that we all adapt to workouts individually. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for you or me. In this sense, you have to find your own truth. Continue reading to find out helpful tips for beginners to lose weight and get in shape.

The importance of exercising and caloric intake

There are three major myths that we believe to be true, but are they really?

1) We only need to do A LOT of cardio in order to lose weight

Regular exercising in any type and form reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. It also shapes and tones your body and makes you become more confident, mentally and physically. As soon as we think about weight loss, though, most of us associate hours of time spend running long distance in order to lose weight. It can most certainly help to burn calories and lead to fat loss, as it improves stamina, which helps you to get through more difficult workouts as time goes on.

However, if done on its own it might not be the most efficient way of losing weight. The key for losing weight is still eating less calories than you burn throughout the day. Meaning, no matter how much cardio you do, if you still eat more or equally as much as you burn you will not lose any weight.

Furthermore, through strengthening training with or without weights, you will be able to built muscles. The more muscles you have the more fat you will burn throughout the day. Therefor strengthening training is just as important as cardio training.

2) We can spot reduce fat for example around our midsection (bellyfat)

I hate to say it, but this is actually not possible. Sorry guys. There is no such thing as spot reducing fat. You will loose fat and built muscles as you work out, yes. But those are two completely different processes that have nothing to do with each other. A lot of us believe that sit ups and crunches are the best way to achieve a flat stomach. Doing sit ups day in and day out will not give you the abs of your dreams. Losing weight and achieving a fit and toned body cannot be achieved overnight – nor is it possible to spot reduce. It requires dedication to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can do 100 crunches and still not see the results you wish for. There are ways to give yourself a better chance at getting flat abs.

Fat loss is systemic, meaning it happens throughout your whole body, not one trouble spot at a time. To reduce fat in any place, you need to perform the all so well known “more-calories-out-than-in” approach that addresses body fat as a whole. In combination with a healthy diet in general as well as cardiovascular activities and resistance exercises that target all areas of your body you will be able to not only burn more calories and lose weight but built up muscles that shape and tone up your body over time. For better results try planks, burpees and exercises facing downwards as
you are working against gravity. You will not only shape your midsection better, but also tone up your whole body. Strengthening these muscles increases your stability, minimizes many types of back pain and improves your posture.

3) The more and longer we workout the better results we can get.

Our body is not a machine and it is the only one we have, so we should treat it with kindness and respect. Our body needs time to recover and rebuilt the muscles after every workout, no matter how intense the workout was. As a beginner you should rest every other day at least. There is no shortcut in life for anything and especially not, for gaining muscles and losing weight. You need patience and dedication. Don’t expect 100% results if you are only willing to put in 20% of effort.  A great way even for beginners is interval training, which can be of low or high intensity. I personally recommend a lower intensity at the beginning in order to prevent a burn out of your body.

A full body interval training targets all major parts of your body. The best part is you only have to spend about 30 min a day working out. If your goal is not to become a body builder or marathon runner there is no need to spend hours and hours at the gym or run long distance.

Cardio and Resistance Training:

As a beginner, I recommend doing a 30 minute cardiovascular workout two to three times a week, and about 30 minutes of a strength training two to three times a week. No matter what type of workout you are doing, be sure to start slow and then gradually increase the intensity and time of your workout. Always listen to your body and don’t exhaust.

It is vital to find time to rest. With our very busy lifestyle nowadays, we tend to overwork our body and we often forget that we also need to rest just as much as we need to be physically active. When we rest, we significantly give our body the opportunity it needs to renew, repair and recover from all the hard work done during the day.

Preferably, we should be able to obtain eight hours of restful sleep each night. Inadequate rest and constant sleep deprivation could result to stress and lethargy and increases the risk of injuries.


For low intensity cardio training you can pretty much do anything that you enjoy doing for minimum 30-40 minutes and that keeps your heart rate going. For example you could go for runs, go swimming or on a bike ride, you can take dance classes or aerobic classes. For a high intensity cardio training you can incorporate exercises such as sprints, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and high knees.

Resistance training:

Many fitness enthusiasts swear by planks, squats, crunches and weights. All these and many more similar exercises fall into the category of resistance training. Here are a few body weight exercises you should give a try to. Make sure to read through the step by step instructions to keep the proper form and alignment for best results and in oder to prevent injury.

Ab bikes
1. Lay down at on your back on a mat with your feet extended out in front of you.

2. Place your hands behind your ears with your elbows reaching to the side. Bend your knees and lift off your legs so  your hips and knees are at a 90-degree angle towards each other and your lower legs are parallel to the floor. This is a tabletop position.

3. Gently lift off your head, shoulder blades and torso of the floor as you engage your abdominals. This is your starting position.

4. From here extend your right leg at a 45-degree angle from the floor, while bringing your left knee into your chest at the same time.

5. Extend your left leg and bring your right one into your chest. Repeat the movement. Once you have the leg movement established, add your torso.

6. As you bring your left knee into your chest, simultaneously rotate your torso towards your left side bringing your right shoulder in the direction of your knee. Keep your elbows pointed to the sides.

7. Immediately extend your left knee while bending your right one. Simultaneously rotate your torso towards over to the right side bringing your left shoulder in the direction of your knee. Keep your elbows pointed to the sides.

8. Repeat step 4-6.

Push Ups

1. Place both hands on the floor slightly further than shoulder-width apart and your feet hip-width apart behind you resting on the balls of your feet. Ensure that your shoulders are placed right above your wrists and your back remains straight. This is a push up position.

2. With your abdominals engaged and your back straight lower yourself gently towards the floor bending your elbows until they are at a 90-degree angle. Keep your fingers spread and your elbows slightly facing outwards.

3. Push through your chest and extend your arms until you are back in a push up position.

4. Repeat step 2+3.

VARIATION: Perform push ups with your knees on the floor.y.

Bent Leg Raises

1. Start by laying down on your back at on a mat with your legs extended out in front of you and your arms resting next to your torso.

2. Engage your abdominals by drawing your belly button to your spine. As you lift off your legs at the same time, bend your knees and your hips, bringing your knees into your chest.

3. Extend your legs until they hover right above the floor before bringing them back into your chest. Keep your abdominals contracted throughout the exercise to prevent your back from arching.

4. Repeat step 2+3.

VARIATION: single leg raises, straight leg raises


1. Plant both feet on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

2. Keep your back straight and in a 45-90 degree angle of your hips as you bend your knees until your upper legs are parallel to the floor. Ensure that your knees stay behind your toes at all times. This is called a squat position.

3. Squeeze your glutes muscles together as you straighten your legs and lift your torso to come into a standing position.

4. Repeat step 2+3.

VARIATION: Jump Squats, Sumo Squats, In and out Jump Squats

Stationary Lunges

1. Stand nice and tall with your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor.

2. Shift your weight onto your left leg and take a big step forward with your right. Plant your right foot firmly on the floor and lift off your right heel.

3. Bend both knees at approximately 90-degrees with your weight evenly distributed between both legs. This is a lunge position.

4. Tip: Your front knee should be right above your ankle and your back knee hovering right above the floor. If this is not the case and your knee is pushed in front of your ankle, take a bigger step.

5. Push through your feet and straighten both knees before bending them for the next repetition.

6. Repeat step 1-4.

7. Repeat step 1-4 on the left side.

VARIATION: Walking Lunges, Front Lunges, Reverse Lunge, Jump Lunges


Let’s be real… By now you are aware of that there is no recipe for killer abs and a nice booty. We have to work hard to get it and be patient with ourselves as well as listen to our body when it tells us to rest. With the right doze of motivation, dedication and consistency you can do it. You can reach YOUR dream body and become fitter, stronger and healthier as well as more confident and comfortable over all. To be fit is not a destination, it is also a major mental and lifestyle change in general. With that being said, the only way to lose the right amount of weight is by adopting a diet that supports your goal as well as performing resistance and cardio training.

Be creative with your workouts so they don’t become boring. You can use a gallon of milk or water bottles instead of dumbbells, pack some books in your backpack and add it when you do lunges or squats, use a chair or staircase for an incline or decline…

There are so many things you can do, without even leaving your house or spending an extra penny. However, I do recommend a pair of dumbbells though and a resistance band. Can be purchased at Amazon for a few bucks and it is super convenient and easy to take on vacation or any type of travel as well. I believe in you and there is no reason why you shouldn’t. You’ve got this!


The style guide for spring racing season

Spring racing season has arrived and it’s not just a matter of sports, It’s also the time of year to indulge in festive style, keeping traditions alive and bringing back old fashioned glam! but how do we keep things fresh and forward when racing style is precisely all about tradition? Should we follow the dress code by the book or can we embrace more innovative trends to attend races in striking fashion? Well, no rocket science here, just a few key factors to consider…

So, the “Race Look” – what makes it distinctive, and how do we sort it out into our own particular style? While a head piece certainly makes the difference between a race outfit and any other occasion wear, there are other little considerations to keep in mind, as not every cute floral dress is race appropriate; not too short, not too tight, and importantly not too revealing, – it’s all about looking classy and tasteful over sexy, if you have that worked out, feel free to be creative and express yourself. We’ve seen the rise of striking alternatives to dresses such as jumpsuits, suits and interesting coordinates, the key is to make it work together in a cohesive theme…


Head piece of choice
When it comes to head pieces and millinery keep in mind proportions and shapes that actually work with your height rather than extravagant ornaments – these, rather than make your stand out can overshadow you. Looking for inspo? Floral crowns if you are after a whimsical and boho look, tiaras and turbans for low key lux and wide brimmed hats for a mysterious and sophisticated allure.

Floral Crown from Lovisa at QVB Sydney

Tiara from CUE at QVB Sydney

Proper dress
Whether you go for relaxed and effortless or a flawless sartorial edge, make sure you pick a silhouette that flatters your body, with knee and mid calf being recommended lengths. You can’t go wrong with A line dresses and skirts, as they work great with most body types. However if you are not into dresses, pants, suits, or your favorite outfit formula can be a striking choice too. Last but not least consider the unexpected in regards to weather, it’s a chance to play with interesting layering such as a light cape or a clean cut blazer.

What to wear for spring racing carnival, spring racing lookCape dress from CUE Spring season – QVB Sydney

 Dress from CUE Spring season – QVB Sydney

Spring racing fashionKaren Millen dress /  Helen Kaminski hat and clutch – find them at QVB Sydney

Chic but Comfy footwear
Mmm, well – as much as possible, most stylish shoes have a certain killer shape that won’t take you far on a long racing day; you’ll make the most of your spring carnival experience with shoes that keep you happy and are equally chic, such as sandals with tick heel, which can provide more balance and comfort compared to sharp stilettos

Details of essence 

– For racing fashion just as with any other occasion wear, keep in mind the golden rule of balance: if your dress is sober or low key then you are free to dress it up with a “show” head piece and statement accessories. If your garment is already too detailed, elaborated or has significant volume it would be best to finish the look with a more subtle head piece.
– It is valid to think out of the box and experiment with diverse styles that you are comfortable with, that being said, you can go trendy, boho and even alternative as long as you keep it classy.
– There is room for playful and certainly retro inspired looks but don’t over do it, or your outfit might end up looking like a costume, you have to own your style, wear something only if you are into it.
– Be mindful of the dress code for each day, you don’t want to go colourful on Derby day, too low key on cup day or too sexy for Oaks.
– Last but not least, being a day time event, opt for effortless fresh and natural make up and hair do that you can easly refresh and retouch throughout the day!

Now that you have these notes clear, get your look ready, but don’t over do it!

Do you have your racing fashion sorted ?


In collaboration with QVB via The Right Fit


The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture Exhibition

What a night the Dior Gala was! In celebration of the 70 years of Hause of Dior, The National Gallery of Victoria opened ” The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture” with a ball followed by the majestic exhibition with the narrative of the fashion power house.

The installation it’s like a dream for every fashion lover and connoisseur who can now feel transported in time whilst witnessing the legacy and iconic creations of the renowned house, from the signature “new look” designs first launched in 1947 to the latest interpretations infused with the loyal yet new vision of talented designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent from 1957-60, Marc Bohan 1960-89, Gianfrancp Ferré 1989-96, John Galliano 1996 – 2011, Raf Simons 2012-15 and Maria Grazia Chiuri since 2016.

We had a closer look to the emblematic designs that made headlines throughout past decades, as well as the more contemporary red carpet looks worn by A list celebs such as Nicole Kidman and Jeniffer Lawrence. But perhaps, THE NEW LOOK  segment stands out for marking an relevant episode in the modern history of fashion; Dior’s earliest and signature silhouette defined by small waist and a full skirt below mid calf length, and abundance of high fashion fabrics marked a new era in fashion, being considered a revolution and a revival agent for fashion industry back in the late 40’s, considering the post war moment lived in those days, becoming extremely popular and influencing many other fashion designers – then and now.

Nicole Kidman Dior Gala Melbourne
The event was graced by the presence of Nicole Kidman,  here standing next to the dress she wore at the Oscars 1997 – Photo Fiona Hamilton

The exhibition welcomes you with the iconic and emblematic  “Bar” suit, from his very first collection launched in 1947, when Dior presented his vision to reinvigorate the postwar French fashion industry and created a couture house whose reach and influence is still felt globally today.

House of Dior Australia

Dior incessantly explored the exuberant  forms of past eras, such as the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The new look, was modern for its time but indeed a reinterpretation of silhouettes once worn by Empress Eugenie and Marie Antoinette. With their extravagant use of fabric, evening dresses in the hands of Dior became monumental sculptures of textile which could require up to 70 metres of tulle.

Things to do Melbourne, house of Dior exhibition

The segment dedicated to John Galliano , takes us back to the 90’s – especially when looking at this lemon gown worn by Nicole Kidman for the Oscars in 1997.  Galliano was Creative Director of Dior for twenty nine seasons, dramatic and postmodern in his approach but technically brilliant, he showed he had much in common creatively with Christian Dior, and was able to connect with the House’s heritage showing a deep understanding of fashion history.


The Yves Saint Laurent segment 1957 -1960. After working as assistant for the house Yves Saint Laurent became the Creative Director of Dior, creating six couture collections for the house. His designs forged a new direction for the label, introducing a radical new youth driven perspective with rebellious edge, reflecting the energy of the early 60’s



The installation of The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture will be open at NGV International from 27 August to 7 Novembe 2017

Images – Sean Fennessy


New York Fashion Week – Calvin Klein S/S18

 “Se trata del horror americano y la belleza americana”, comenta Raf Simons. “La moda trata de ocultar el horror y abrazar sólo la belleza. Pero ambos son parte de la vida. Esta colección es una celebración de eso: una celebración de la vida americana”.

CALVIN KLEIN  Primavera 2018 se inspira en el cine, en la fábrica de sueños de Hollywood y en sus representaciones tanto de una pesadilla americana como también del todopoderoso sueño americano. Heroínas de thrillers, héroes y antihéroes. Los códigos estéticos de protagonistas de películas se mezclan de manera ilimitada, otorgando a sus significados una nueva interpretación y celebración.

Las “pistas” del horror, pero también de los sueños, inspiraron la colección. Aquí, nunca hay horror sin belleza. El vocabulario visual distintivo del cine, de símbolos y signos, es recortado, re contextualizado y re ensamblado, para crear una pluralidad de vestidos. Múltiples interpretaciones simbólicas de la imagen de los thrillers se combinan en trajes únicos, creando nuevos conjuntos. Son “editados” – como una película – para definir una nueva narrativa.

Siluetas de alta costura americana, de mediados de siglo, se traducen a industrial, se reiteran en nylon, caucho (especialmente moldeado en Ohio) y cuero pintado a mano. Chaquetas de cuadros estilo leñador se utilizan para los trajes de hombres hechos a medida. Los pompones son reapropiados para vestidos con flecos, bolsos o llaveros, y los camisones se convierten en trajes de noche. Las superficies de los materiales están alteradas, selladas con caucho, desvanecidas y salpicadas. Los colores dominantes de la colección son naranja seguridad, amarillo, negro y abrumadoramente, el rojo.

Mallas, camisolas de seda, caucho contra la piel. Éstas hacen referencia a una corporeidad que habla tanto de la sexualidad como de la mortalidad. El linaje de estas películas se remonta a los mitos urbanos, a los cuentos cautelares puritanos que advierten a los adolescentes de los peligros de la transgresión moral y los peligros de la sexualidad juvenil – y la historia de CALVIN KLEIN está atada a la sexualidad transgresora.

Al explorar América, Raf Simons encontró a Andy Warhol, un artista cuyo trabajo ha ayudado a definir tanto la identidad contemporánea de la cultura estadounidense como las percepciones del mundo. En una colaboración única con la Fundación Andy Warhol para las artes visuales, esta colección incorpora una selección de obras de arte de Warhol como serigrafías de colocación. Las piezas cuentan con retratos de Warhol, del coleccionista de arte, Sandra Brant (1971) y de la estrella de cine, Dennis Hopper(1971). Este último, escribió, dirigió y protagonizó la película Easy Rider (1969), que ha llegado a definir nociones contemporáneas del machismo estadounidense. La curaduría incluye también Knives (1981-2), Electric Chair (1964-65) y Ambulance Disaster (1963-64) de la serie de la muerte y del desastre de Warhol. Este cuerpo de trabajo representa el horror y el trauma de la vida real pero los transforma en imágenes que se asemejan a fotogramas del cine – aquí, se ponen junto a Brant y Hopper, las musas de la colección. El horror se yuxtapone siempre con los sueños. Siempre se vuelve hermoso. El bien siempre triunfa.

calvin-klein- nyfw 18



NYFW – Desigual Spring 18

The label that doesn’t compromise on trends but to its distinctive signature – Desigual’s NYFW Spring/Summer 2018 Show, was indeed an reflexion of what this label stands for – Artistically Directed by Jean-Paul Goude, presented a collection inspired by Jungles Both Literal and Metaphorical—Highlighting Diversity, Optimism, Vitality and Individuality.

It marked Jean-Paul Goude’s first step as Artistic Director of the brand (his appointment was made public last month). Goude was tasked with creating a presentation that would bring both bold novelty and unique appeal to complement Desigual’s long-established DNA, which celebrates optimism and individuality.

The runway show—and its accompanying performance—were designed as an immersive experience. It was a celebration of diversity, eclecticism and originality—values that have remained essential to Desigual’s core since its inception. The music was created by Sam Spiegel in collaboration with Jean-Paul Goude; the fluid choreography was overseen by Ryan Heffington (with Jean-Paul Goude’s input too). Each model represented a singular character from a different group, with makeup and hairstyles that further pushed the boundaries of imagination. It was an “unexpected trip.”

The women’s fashion Spring/Summer 2018 collection was inspired by a voyage through different types of jungles; exotic, psychedelic, and more. It blended cross-cultural references in a panoply of color and creativity, optimism and singularity and non-conformity and vitality: the silhouettes were casual but textured, including everything from raffia to polka-dots, and there was an emphasis on looseness and pattern.

Pieces included color-blocked knit sweaters, interweaving mesh and marine striping; elsewhere, kimono and pajama volumes were cut with fluid fabrics. Jackets—on the shorter side, in leather or denim—were complemented by golden accent jewelry, while bohemian skirts and dresses were treated with trippy geometric prints. Tahitian flowers, palm groves and even a Mickey Mouse print were also in the mix.

The Spring/Summer 2018 show also included a 16-piece capsule collection called “Desigual Couture” designed by Jean-Paul Goude himself, which further represented the intersection of his and Desigual’s unique aesthetic approaches. Describing his creative involvement, Goude says he sought to champion: “cultural diversity, street-chic as a democratized form of Couture, festivity, originality, rhythm, and humor—these are the values that not only refer to Desigual’s DNA, but to my own, as well. Let’s say we are on the same wavelength.”  Combined, the Spring/Summer 2018 collection is like a puzzle—and the assembled pieces are the spirit of Desigual. “Unexpected,” but dynamic and authentic.


(Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images For Desigual )
(Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images For Desigual )
(Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images For Desigual )
(Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images For Desigual )
(Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images For Desigual )




Getty Images For Desigual