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The beauty of the skin comes from within, it is with regular care, a healthy diet and habits which collectively give the right balance for skin to look healthy and glowing. But the reality is more often than not, damage is caused by what we do rather than what we don’t do, beauty and care products are to blame in many cases. There are endless products out there but the chemicals and harsh elements contained in their formula often suffocate our dermis.  We don’t read the fine print, we just follow what we see on tv or magazines, we think that because it is this or that brand it should be a good product…but can we prove they deliver what they promise?…often not.

Maybe you’ve experienced reactions such as irritated skin when you apply your firming cream at night, or when you apply your night repair cream it feels itchy, when you have sensitive skin even a good product can cause allergies, irritation and other complications such as dermatitis and eczema. This is when we should avoid the use of chemicals as much as we can.


A few days ago I had the opportunity to try Dermaveen and was glad to know it is formulated with nature’s superfood colloidal oatmeal, which helps soothe, restore and protect dry, itchy and sensitive skin. I have to say I’m pleased with the Dermaveen range of products, especially the Soap Free Wash. While creams are important to keep your skin moisturised and nourished, it is more important to look at what you do first – the shower… You wouldn’t think regular soap is harmful but it is, so imagine how much damage we cause to our skin day by day. But with Dermaveen’s Soap Free Wash my skin feels not only clean but restored, so gentle that it is suitable for a baby’s delicate skin. As its name states, it is soap free and PH balanced and free from fragrances, lanolin and parabens.

Dermaveen Australia

The Moisturising Lotion is perfect for a daily beauty routine, it’s formulated to hydrate, fight dryness and soothe and soften your skin. It is a light lotion formula that is rapidly absorbed.

And last but not least the Revive & Protect Body Moisturiser SPF 50+, a must have if you ask me, and an ally in the prevention of skin cancer and premature skin aging, not only during our visits to the beach but whenever we are exposed to the harsh Australian UV which can be high even on a cloudy day. It is specially formulated for extra dry and sensitive skin. Unlike other sunscreens this one is so gentle you can apply it on your face without any itchy sensation. Of course, it is a great companion for the beach as it provides four hours of water resistance.


Overall Impressions, I don’t think I can get back to using normal soap as I really like the results with Dermaveen’s Soap Free Wash. If I scratch my skin I don’t see white soap residue like most soaps seem to leave. The Moisturising Lotion has proved to be effective with my body and gentle with my hands which often get irritated and dry due to the use of cosmetic creams. And of course, I would recommend the Body Moisturiser SPF 50+,  an imperative for outdoor protection that actually pampers the skin.


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Facts about Dermaveen – For over 20 years, DermaVeen® continues to provide Australian families with a comprehensive skincare range that is gentle enough to be used on infants and effective enough to clinically benefit dry, itchy or sensitive skin conditions in adults and elderly.


Beauty Review – Botanices

When it comes to our skin we´re all concerned about the signs of ageing, some eventually come with time, others via environment, chemical agents or genetic factors, It´s no surprise seeing why young girls already show fine expression lines; but more than wrinkles what mostly reveals age (or gives the appearance) is the fatigued look, whether due to long days at work, lack of sleep or as is often the case after a fun weekend, just as the body gets tired our skin does too.

You´d like to know that just as a cup of coffee gets us going in the morning, caffeine can improve your skins appearance; a few weeks ago I found the new skin care line Botanices, whose main component is precisely caffeine, a rich source of antioxidant properties aimed at moisturizing, tightening and providing a more even skin tone.

Tratándose de nuestra piel a todas nos preocupa la aparición de signos de envejecimiento, algunos vienen con los años, otros simplemente por la acción del medio ambiente y la genética, por ello no es sorpresa encontrar  chicas no mayores de veinte años con pequeñas lineas de expresión; pero mas que las arrugas lo que delata o añade años es la apariencia de fatiga ya sea por largas jornadas, falta de sueño o como también nos sucede, por mucha diversión luego del fin de semana, – después de todo aquello del sueño embellecedor tiene su por qué y tal como nuestro cuerpo siente cansancio el rostro también.

Les gustará saber que tal y como una taza de café nos entona en las mañanas, la cafeína también ayuda a mejorar la apariencia de nuestra piel; hace poco conocí la nueva linea de cuidado para la piel Botanices, cuyo ingrediente activo principal es precisamente la cafeina, como rica fuente de antioxidantes y otras propiedades encaminadas a hidratar, reafirmar y brindar un tono de piel mas uniforme.

Botanices Australia

If you´re looking for ethical products you might like to know…

Nowdays beauty and skin care products not only should be efficient but ethical; so before I tell you about my experience with these products I´d like to talk about their values and ethical foundations. Botanices is Australian Made, natural based, paraben free as well as free of petroleum derivatives, synthetic fragances and colour free; best of all environmentally sustainable and cruelty free

Si estas en búsqueda de productos éticos te gustará saber que….

En la actualidad los productos de belleza no solo deben ser eficaces sino éticos, por ello antes de contarles sobre mi experiencia con esta linea de productos, quiero informarles acerca de sus virtudes y sustento ético. Botanices es hecha en Australia, a base de ingredientes naturales, libre de parabenos y otros derivados del petroleo, libre de colorantes y fragancias; lo mejor de todo, es eco sostenible y no testeado en animales

Cruelty free beauty products

My experience with Botanices…

If you´ve visited my Instagram recently, you might have noticed I received the Botanices Kit a month ago, and although I soon felt the repairing, I didn´t want to rush to conclusions without giving it a reasonable testing time. Turns out by being in Melbourne by that time, after lots of discovering and journeys along came the tiredness and with it that unwanted fatigued appearance and eye bags – luckily I gave Botanices a try and it worked wonderfully – revived skin and fresh complexion!

Mi experiencia con Botanices…

Si visitan mi Instagram, notarán que recibí el kit de Botanices hace un mes, y aunque los efectos reparadores fueron rápidos, no quería apresurarme a decir que era la octava maravilla, sin darle un tiempo prudente de prueba.. Resulta que estando en Melbourne para ese tiempo, luego de muchos recorridos y descubrimientos, llegó el cansancio junto con la indeseada apariencia de fatiga y ojeras ojeras, afortunadamente las bondades de Botanices surtieron efecto – piel revitalizada y rostro fresco!

DSC08630 s

The products included in the kit are the face, eye and body moisturiser with natural Caffeine (Coffee Extract) and a superior suite of anti-oxidants combined with Coconut & Olive Oils, Kakadu Plum Extract, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Licorice Root Extract, to bring optimal moisture to the skin. During one month of use i´ve noticed…..

– no more swollen eyelids in the morning

– Tightening effect, with fresher and firmer skin

– Glowing appearance

Besides the benefits, I really like its lightweight texture and its natural colour which blends in with your skin tone, so you can use it in the mornings without fearing your make up will look too thick.


Los productos que incluye mi kit son de la linea de cuidado natural con cafeina: crema para el cuerpo, crema de cutis y crema de parpados a base de extracto natural de café que con propiedades antioxidantes en adición a ingredientes como el coco aceite de oliva, extracto de Kakadu (árbol nativo de Australia), vitamina E, jojoba y raiz de licoriz, para optima humectación de la piel.

Durante un mes de uso continuo he podido notar:

– Reducción de hinchazón en parpados en horas de la mañana

– Efecto tensor, un rostro sin fatiga y mas firme

– Aspecto mas luminoso en la piel.

Pero lo que mas me gusta del producto es su textura ligera, y con un color natural que se mimetiza con la piel, así que puedes aplicar en las mañanas sin temor a que tu maquillaje luzca pesado.



For more information about this product and how to get it, visit the web site or follow them vía Instagram

Para mas información sobre este producto y como adquirirlo visita su página web o síguelos a través de  Instagram

In collaboration with Botanices / En colaboración con Botanices