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A s a blogger at times I find myself confronting dilemas, day by day fashion can dictate one thing only to dispose of it later,  and I ask myself  –  Are they trying to drive the world crazy?. .Should someone who has a set dress sense and doesn´t usually venture outside their comfort zone feel overwhelmed by all this?. Can a teenager wear the most sophisticated pieces without fear of appearing too mature?. Are we able to survive the ups and downs of fashion and retain our authenticity?. This is where the conceptualization of fashion and it´s interpretations differ from person to person via their points of view.

Colors, designs and trends come and go in a cycle that only those in the know understand it´s workings, and by trying to stay in step with it all im sure at least once in our lives we have been fashion victims, by pressure or conviction.  As followers of fashions latest and greatest trends we need be objective, taking from it what’s needed and worthwhile.  I´m not exposing a frivolous topic here, after all,  fashion  reflex society troughout centuries. Just as each season brings with it a specific look, fashion is a means with which to express our ongoing personal chapters, and the ability to reflect who we are. That´s why maybe in the search of visual  identity many can be taken by vane but is up to us, get it the right way and it´s benefits – after all they way we are perceived influences the way we´re treated, and wearing and appropriate outfit is one way to achieve this.

To be “ Now “ in fashion involves not only knowing how to carry your look, but also how to further develop your individual look through a prudent and thoughtfull process so that our look will always speak highly of us. Ahead are some points you might want to consider if you are looking for that individual look.

1 Don’t follow fashion to a T, after all it should inspire and entertain us not torture us. Fashion reviews are skewed towards commercial applications, take their written content as suggestions rather than law.

2.Live your age: How often have we seen 18 year olds dressed in a style more suited to someone 25+?. Reviews, blogs and media in general are responsible for advocating ultra chicism at all cost. To the contrary we also see 40’ somethings attempting the 20’s look, each age bracket has it’s perks and charm, choosing age appropriate wear is crucial.

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3 Fashion victim: we have all been victims at some moment, like those beautiful yet brutally painful shoes we always seem to put on cause we love them so much. When trying too hard to comply with this seasons look often we make some mistakes. Many things come and go in fashion, take advantage of what’s suitable to you, leave the rest.

Get inspired but don’t copy: It’s easy to get confused with so much visual overload, style icons, celebrities and globalization of fashion itself all contributes to this scenario. Get inspired is one thing, but trying to  look exactly like someone else its kind of saying you can´t do better, worst yet, shows low self esteem. it better be coincidence. The key is that you like the color, style and silhouette of the piece and not how it looks on a model or celebrity. Give what you wear your personal touch, no same dress will look alike on two different persons.


5  You don’t have anything to wear  even when your closet is full.  We’ve all been through it at some point, but in reality all we need are some ideas and that final touch to combine our old and new pieces into something great. It’s true that we dress for photos and once taken we don’t repeat with the same ensemble. Somewhat sad however with a little thought process you can easily change the combination to get a different look. Better yet recycle your old pieces and renew them with some imagination.


Costume syndrome: Express your true personality, interests, activities and current location, do this according to your age or you might come across like your wearing a costume!.

Base your confidence on who you are,  not on what you wear. We should stand out above and beyond our clothes, regardless of their brand or price, attitude is the best accessory.

I hope this has been informative and gives you a different perspective in future situations, thanks for reading!!!





  • You´re absolutely right, now days we´re going nuts about what´s in or not, fashion magazines showing the same stuff and fashion bloggers with ” fake unique style “. Your point about taking care of how we look but not over the top is justified. fear enough

  • Buen punto especialmente para los que consideran que otro está pasado o no está bien vestido si no lleva esto o lo otro, y hasta pasa por encima de la gente porque tiene unos cuantos buenos trapos.

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