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The trench coat is one of those evergreen pieces with ambiguous glamour that in casual or solemn style gives us a stylish and  strong silhouette thanks to it´s army reminiscence.  A powerful piece that doesn´t blur prevalence to more delicate or sumptuous garments if  sophistication is the goal. In seeking an antagonistic but accurate mix of strong and subtle this night blue gabardine is the ideal shell for a gorgeous white dress which simultaneously combines strength and finesse in an attractive leather and lace blend.

El trench coat es una de esas piezas imperecederas dotadas de glamour ambiguo, que llevadas de forma casual o solemne nos otorga una estilizada y a la vez fuerte silueta gracias a su reminiscencia militar; una pieza poderosa que no le resta protagonismo a prendas mas delicadas o suntuosas si la consigna es sofisticación. En busca de la antagónica pero certera dupla  fuerte/sutil, esta gabardina azul noche es la coraza ideal para un primoroso vestido blanco que a la vez conjuga fuerza y delicadeza en una atractiva mezcla de encaje y cuero.

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8 thoughts on “Outfit Post – Urban Navy

  1. What an incredible trench coat! I agree that they are completely classic! Definitely a piece that every women should have in here wardrobe! Love this blue color and it looks perfect over your dress!


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