Shopping Day – Miami

Hello there, Im sorry for not being able to update lately, since I´ve been in Miami for about two weeks now, and basically spending all day out – vacations apart from fun can get you tired, and also shooping ! – Wait, don´t think I´m a insane shopaholic, actually I take my time and even look around before going back to the store I  liked the most, after all with so many offers why grab the first thing you see? it was one of those bad habits I use to have, and there was more than one regret, cos most likely when ” the perfect thing ” was in front of my eyes, my money was already gone. So now Im more conscious about it, it doesn´t mean I have less fun.  Anyways here In Miami like in any other city, outlets are a great choice: Good brands, affordable prices equals shopping paradise. So if you live in Miami probably Sawgrass Mills is familiar to you, but if you´re planning to come, put it on your ” Must Visit List”.

 My first stop was at a department store inside the mall, it has the best stock so far, I guess you´ll have to figure it out. By the way fur is is everywhere, but I would recommend ” the fake one” , it looks good, and feels good, also does its job, so why contribute to animal killing? get your faux fur, well known brands are going conscious about this issue so they provide the same appeareance in good quality .

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Some good names as Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors can be found at good prices as well, and as you can see strong colors continue relevant for this season.

 Black and gold matches, and lots of metallic shades are ” Must haves ” so put a bit of glitter on your looks, after all, celebrations season is starting

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But you don’t need to be right here if you felt in love with this model, you can get it gorgeous Elliot Luca Here

 So just wanted to share this with you fellows, I´ll keep updating soon!