Fashion Palette – Spring Summer 2018

Art pleases the senses and so does fashion – combining these two leaves us with no better location for a wearable art display than the Art Gallery of NSW. Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending the Fashion Palette event in Sydney, a unique platform created to help designers and labels expand their business, connect with key industry professionals and reinforce their brand. This time a curated selection of emerging and established Australian fashion talent, Akira, Sass & Bide, and Nicola Finetti, amongst others, presented their proposals for Spring Summer 2018.

The event gathered local personalities and media faces, who had the opportunity to witness a show worthy of any major fashion week. It was a delightful evening and it gave us a chance to anticipate and study the upcoming trends; the concepts and aesthetics seen on the runway reflected the notion that Australian designers are competitive and in sync with fashion’s global rhythm yet with a distinctive DNA. The following are the best runway moments as captured by our lens!


Al igual que el arte, la moda complace los sentidos, por ello que mejor locación para una muestra de arte vestible que la Galeria de Arte de Nueva Gales del Sur. El Martes pasado, tuve el gusto de asistir al evento Fashion Palette en Sydney, una plataforma creada para apoyar a los diseñadores en cuanto a expandir su negocio, conectar con profesionales claves en la industria y reforzar su marca. En esta ocasión, la nómina estuvo conformada por talento establecido y emergente entre los que podemos contar a Akira, Sass & Bide y Nicola Finetti entre otros, quienes presentaron sus propuestas para la próxima primavera verano 2018.

El evento también reunió a personalidades locales y rostros de medios digitales, quienes tuvimos la oportunidad de apreciar una puesta en escena a la altura de las mas importantes semanas de la moda. Fue sin duda una noche amena en la que tuvimos oportunidad de anticipar y estudiar las tendencias venideras. A su vez, los conceptos y estéticas vistas en la pasarela reflejaron la noción de una moda Australiana competitiva y en sincronía con el ritmo de la moda global pero con un ADN distintivo. Los siguientes son algunos de los mejores instantes en pasarela captados por nuestro lente!

Encapsulating an edgy sophistication Sass & Bide opened the show with a display of black and white, minimalist, yet fierce with a rock star allure collection.

Encapsulando una sofisticación filosa Sass & Bide dió inicio al show con minimalismo feroz y un toque de rock star,  en una paleta de blancos y negros con salpiques de metálicos.

Australian Fashion week

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When it comes to gala events, nothing like the splendor and intricate details in the sumptuous creations by Alin Le’ Kal

Cuando se trata de eventos de gala, nada como el esplendor y detalles elaborados en las suntuosas creaciones de Alin Le’ Kal

In sync with the ornament trend, the dazzling cocktail dresses by Danielle Aridi 

En sincronía con la tendencia de brillos y ornamentos, los destellantes modelos de coctel por Danielle Aridi

We loved the ethereal impressions, by Akira – his collection featured fluid silhouettes,  layering and a hint of ornament.

De encanto, las impresiones etéreas de Akira, – Su colección se destacó por siluetas fluidas, escalonados y la dosis justa de ornamento

Lena Kasparian with majestic garments and velvet capes, the collection evoked a modern princess’ tale.

Lena Kasparian con majestuosas creaciones y capas de terciopelo, su colección evoca un cuento de princesas modernas

Eliya The Label –  Night out glam and chic proposals for the sexy muse who is not afraid to stand out

Eliya The Label – Glamour nocturno y propuestas seductoramente chic para la musa que no teme a las miradas

House of Song left it clear that jumpsuits never go out of style and are synonymous with effortless glamour.

House of Song dejó en claro que los enterizos nunca pasan de moda y son sinonimos de glamour sin esfuerzo

Nicola Finetti – A glamorous selection that fuses romance and adventure, featuring deep cleavages, exquisite fabrics, and charming flounces.

Nicolla Finetti – Una glamurosa serie que fusiona romance y aventura, en la que destacan profundos escotes, exquisitos textiles y vuelos de encanto.

Nicola Finetti


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Three timeless staples you need this autumn

Crisp air, warm drinks, and cascades of pretty leaves announce autumn’s bliss! That nostalgic but equally charming time of year where we can appreciate the beauty of change. But with the unpredictable temperatures and conditions we’ve been facing of late, a normal autumn day either feels summery or conducive to staying cozy at home. Whatever your mood, Autumn also provides the perfect excuse to update our wardrobe with the most interesting style formulas, as the weather invites us to carry more layers!

That retro twist!

Although I’d describe my style as eclectic I admit that I have an old-fashioned soul, being drawn to classic, belle epoque, and past decades garments with an evergreen quality, just like my latest additions from Review Australia. whenever I think about classy retro twist glam, Review comes to my mind, and this time I couldn’t help falling in love with these garments from the new season and the preppy neo-romantic look they form together, imo these are definitely three timeless staples to consider this autumn…

A Romantic white blouse – A quintessential from the french style code, they stand for less is more and are also dressy.  Whether with jeans or a skirt they channel nothing but class!

Tweed – Exquisite and ageless texture that encapsulates distinction – In my case, I found these gorgeous tweed shorts which are ultra flattering and versatile, you could pair them with an elegant blouse or give them a funky allure with a jumper or even a tee.

A majestic coat – Whether to enhance your basic jeans and top, or to gracefully complement your ladylike dresses, there’s nothing like the empowering touch of a regal coat. I love this turquoise coat with a dash of 50’s and detachable faux fur collar, it evokes that classic Jackie Kennedy allure. I love that it can also be carried as a dress coat during cooler days!

Featuring Coat, blouse, and shorts from Review Australia

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All about gingham and ruffles with 100 Squared

In times of trend revivals, things worn ages ago or seen in our mother’s wardrobes are back in the game. One such trend that’s making a big come back is the Gingham print. Whenever I see this checkered pattern I think about romantic and retro posters from the 50’s, but if you’re looking for a modern and fresher take don’t worry – it can also be hip and alternative as seen in the current street style scene.

So when I spotted this “two in one trend” shirt at 100 Squared, I had to take it with me… it blends two key features for a “now” look,  – statement sleeves with ruffles and of course the gingham print. How to wear this notorious top when it already seems to have too much going on you might ask?, well with basic bottoms such as black pants, pencil skirts, and of course denim like this cowgirl skirt from 100 Squared, it works a treat!

About 100 Squared

Looking for a different shopping experience in Sydney? 100 Squared is a concept store gathering creations from emerging local talent. If you’re looking for not only the latest but hippest look no further. I was delighted with the store market setting, and not to mention the striking range of trends to please every style and budget.

Featuring Shirt and skirt from 100 Squared

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How to whiten your teeth at home with Advance Whitening

Having a beautiful smile is not just about vanity, it is also a matter of confidence and a key factor when it comes to great first impressions.  Not to mention white and bright teeth can make us look younger. I’m not talking about designer smiles whatsoever, I think a natural smile, just like eyes, reveals a bit of everyone’s personality as long as it looks clean and looked after. But day by day habits such as drinking tea, coffee, smoking and even certain types of foods slowly stain our teeth, taking away their healthy and bright appearance.

I’ve never been concerned about my teeth pigmentation, not because they shine in the dark, I simply thought they were white enough to be careless about it. But like everything in life, there comes a moment when you start noticing little things here and there. Turns out all my pleasant tea and coffee moments came at a price and while comparing photos of a few years ago with my current ones, it was obvious I should look into and consider a few ways to get my teeth back to their best.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to trial Advance Whitening , and found myself very pleased with the results. While most whitening treatments and formulas out there can be hard on sensitive teeth, Advance Whitening is free from peroxide, so you’ll feel no pain or discomfort afterward. Best of all you notice results right away, so let me show you how it works!

 The kit includes
Advanced whitening pen
Led Blue spectrum light
Mouth guard
and of course – a shade guide

How to use

First of all, Compare your teeth whiteness level with the shade guide to keep track of your progress; in my case for example, previous to treatment, my teeth tone would match the levels 4 and 5 in the guide.

Sanitize the mouth guard in boiling water for five minutes, and dry it thoroughly. Then open your led light battery lid and remove the plastic isolator located underneath the batteries. Once this is done, place the mouth guard onto the end of the led light.

Now that the led light is set up, brush a small amount of gel directly onto the surface of your teeth – for this simple step, just twist the bottom of the pen 15 -20 times until the gel rises to the brush tip.

Turn the led light on and place the guard into your mouth – leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with water. Repeat once. You can repeat this process daily or weekly until you get your desired result or as directed by a dentist.

My results after the first try…

I have to say I did see an improvement, as my shade went from 5 to 3, but will try it two more times to work on a few hidden spots. This is a steady process so take your current teeth tone into account in regards to your expectations.  Overall, I think Advance Whitening is a great, easy to use treatment to periodically clean and maintain your teeth whiteness in the comfort of your home!

It is recommended not to eat or drink staining foods and drinks for 30 minutes afterwards. Once you’ve used your gel pens store them in your fridge.

For more info and updates about this product, visit  Advance Whitening website or follow via Instagram

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Interview- Takafumi Tsuruta, for a more inclusive fashion

Vanishing frontiers, sources of inspiration and identification, are – just to name a few –  overused references making headlines in the name of fashion; in times when the industry claims to be more diverse than ever, there’s still a lot of stigma about what’s fashionable and what’s not, what’s worthy of attention or not, and more importantly who are the new role models representing those who not long ago had little or no representation at all by the exclusive fashion industry. We see this with the rise of the plus size fashion or transgender models hitting the runway for example…

But is the industry putting on the table topics few people still dare to approach? While most labels out there preach “fashion is for everyone”, it’s not enough with redundant versions of the once controversial Benetton ads, truth is we often forget that people with disabilities and survivors of severe illness need a voice of inclusion apart from been seen as a niche market. Fortunately, there are young voices exploring new ways to channel fashion with a purpose and a significative message.

Last year while in Tokyo covering fashion week in that city, I had the pleasure of meeting a talented designer whose remarkable work makes him one of Japan’s new agents of change. In between shows, I ran into Takafumi Tsuruta; at first glance his bold sense of fashion made him stand out and was great material for my street style coverage,  however it was his gentle and polite attitude which made me want to chat a bit more.

His brand TENBO is all about celebrating everyone and truly embracing diversity – his muses aren’t mannequins but everyday people, everyday survivors; his concept is quirky yet fashionable and indeed inclusive, and today I’m happy to share his brief  interview….

What was the motivation to create your brand Tenbo?

To all the people of the world…Tenbo offers fashion with zero prejudice—clothing that warms people’s hearts and puts smiles on their faces regardless of age, nationality or gender. I’ve noticed that in our society, there is surprisingly little clothing that is both “fashionable” and “functional.” Clothing like that for care workers and people with physical disabilities puts functionality first. It isn’t fashionable and doesn’t seem to include many options in terms of design. Tenbo is based on the concept that “Fashion should be something that everyone can enjoy.” I take this to be my mission as a designer. I also really want to promote clothing that anyone can wear to feel stylish, and that’s why I launched the Tenbo brand.

Tenbo debuted its collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO in March 2015. Along with professional models, we featured people with disabilities as models to show off designs that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of physical ability. Our runway show made a big splash, not just at the event, but worldwide. Tenbo aims to be a brand that uses fashion to spread smiles and happiness around the world.


What are your key elements of interest in your creation process?

There are lots of hints for people with disabilities. For example, there are no clothes that can be worn fashionable even in a wheelchair! The elderly want clothes that can easily detach the buttons. Everyone’s opinion and need is an element of design, and that inspires me!

Tokyo fashion designer

What does TENBO stand for?

Tenbo is a Swahili word meaning “elephant.” Like the elephant, Tenbo aspires to be a brand that is gentle and kind, yet can take a brave stand when needed and has the strength to protect others. The Brand icon is a character called Yomi-chan. Skull motif. This skull is a symbol of death, death is intended to be welcomed beautifully and gently rather than feared. 


The ever-present elements of your brand

Fashionability, functionality, happy, fun, strong, beautiful. There are a lot of possibilities that can make fashion a happier experience.


It might sound cliché, but how do you approach the importance of inclusive fashion?

Fashion brands around the world are targeted only to selected people. Fashion usually is focused on women in their 20s and 30s. I think it is important from a business standpoint, however I would like to everyone to enjoy fashion, regardless of age, nationality, gender, or disability. I want my concepts and designs to be for the world, I think that my idea is natural, I want to be in an era when inclusive is said to be reasonable.

Your approach is global, but being a Japanese brand how much of that DNA can we find in TENBO?

Japanese elements are in all our designs, this is the constant in Tenbo. I always incorporate elements of kimono. Kimono can look very elegant. I mix Japanese clothing and elements of other eastern and western clothes.


In these days of the so-called fashion forward, how do you keep things interesting and now? 

Rather than seeing clothes, there is an answer if you look at the heart of the model. There are no two exact people, so there are as many different designs and concepts in my drawers as there are different people, well maybe not quite so many, we evolve the brand just like so many aspects of life evolve.

 Last but not least, what’s your message to other new designers?

Fashion should make an impression, be true to your ideas and concepts, aim to create what you believe in.

 For more info and updates about Tenbo follow via Instagram or visit their website

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Outfit – Embroidered Dress

“I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day,” someone once said….

We’ve all been there, that fear of wearing a knockout look on a random day, when it could have been saved for a special occasion. In the feminine universe, dress codes respond to opportunity and purpose along with other complexities such as dressing to impress or to fit in. We are so familiar to this fact that pretty much we need a reason to dress in a “special way” or just because.

I personally never miss a chance to look dressy, even just for coffee, (don’t get me wrong, jeans and tees are good but just on Sundays, and I’m kind of lazy, that’s just me). After all, what a good outfit and day look like are subjective, but if you want to make your outfit count, an ordinary moment can be turned into a memorable one if you want to. Whether getting your squad together, a romantic date with your significant other, or celebrating solo, there’s a number of legit reasons for dressing up. Emma Watson couldn’t have said it better: “if not me who, if not now when?”

With no excuse other than the few warm days we can still count on while Autumn starts here in Australia, and in regards to the current trend, I had to share with you this gorgeous dress. Bell sleeves, relaxed silhouette, and embroidery – what’s not to love? Dressy but not over the top, it can be equally worn both in the city or on a fine beach day. Needless to say what I loved most about it, its beautiful embroidered detailing is just too charming to miss out this season, you can find similar styles in the link below!


“Tengo un miedo irracional a invertir un atuendo especial en un día insignificante” Alguien dijo alguna vez…

A muchas nos ha pasado, esa temor a gastar una vestimenta especial, en un día cualquiera, sin reparos ni espectadores, cuando bien puede servir mejor en una ocasión que de verdad amerite. En nuestro universo femenino, los códigos de vestuario obedecen a oportunidad, propósito y otras complejidades, como el vestir para impactar, causar buena impresión, intimidar o simplemente encajar. Nos hemos acostumbrado tanto a ello que a veces necesitamos un motivo para llevar una vestimenta “especial”.

En lo personal no soy de las que espera un evento para lucir algo vestidor, incluso si es para ir por un café (no, no es que los jeans y camisetas no sean lo mío, pero solo para el domingo o cuando estoy en modo low key). Después de todo, un atuendo y un día especial son materia subjetiva, pero si lo que quieres es que tu atuendo cuente, un día ordinario puede tornarse en uno memorable si así lo deseas. Ya sea reuniendo a tus amigas, salir con tu pareja, o simplemente celebrar a solas solo porque si, no hay una regla que dicte cuando o no vestir un atuendo lustroso! O como mejor lo dijera Emma Watson ” Si no soy yo quien, si no es ahora cuando?

Asi que sin mas excusa que los pocos días calidos que aun tenemos aquí en Australia mientras comienza el otoño y a propósito de la tendencia de bordados, desde luego que tengo que compartir este vestido con ustedes. Mangas acampanadas, silueta relajada y detalle bordado -como no amarlo? Ligeramente vestidor, ligeramente casual y desde luego su realce en bordado es irresistible en esta temporada! (Puedes encontrar este y otros estilos similares en el link al final de la nota)

Street style sydney, street style blog, fashion blogger

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How to wow this season – Key trends to update your style

They say ” Don’t be a slave to fashion” and they’re right, even if you could afford it all, there is simply no time to wear this or that, by the time you think you have the latest, the next thing comes, and so on… Smart advice, – ask yourself – Do I see myself wearing this in ten years? if the answer is yes, then most likely we are talking about a good trend. With that said, hands on, pick what best suits you and please your eyes. Wondering how to update your wardrobe with a few additions? We have you covered, here is a quick check of the trend code for this season!

Dicen ” No seas esclava de la moda” y tienen razón, aun pudiendo costearlo todo, no hay tiempo suficiente para lucirlo todo, cuando pensamos que tenemos el ultimo grito de la moda encima ya se asoma la siguiente tendencia y la historia siempre se repite. Consejo inteligente – Pregúntate a ti misma – Me veo llevando esta pieza en algunos años? Si la respuesta es Sí,  seguramente estamos frente a una tendencia viable. Dicho esto, manos a la obra, escoje lo que mejor te siente y complazca tu vista. Pensando como actualizar tu arsenal con unas cuantas adiciones? Aquí comparto un mini listado con el código de tendencias para esta temporada!

1. From bold appliqué to meticulous embroidery work, it’s all about details

1. De notorios apliques a meticuloso trabajo de bordado, los detalles son todo

From jackets to leather skirts, embroidered accents set the wow factor of a standout look

Tanto en chaquetas de tweed como faldas de cuero, los acentos bordados marcan la pauta de un look sobresaliente

Embroidered tweed jacketYuki Torii – Tokyo Fashion Week

Cynthia Rowley

The see – through embroidery dress is a thing,  But how to wear it? while this fashion hit seems to be the “it” dress on the red carpet, in a more real life context might be hard to carry with grace….so consider the use of proper nude underwear or slip dress underneath if you wear a maxi. Mesh embroidered tops are less complex, so a black bra works as a good contrast for the evening, but it can also be worn with ease by adding a white shirt underneath and a basic bottom.

Pero quizá, una de las prendas que se roba la atención del momento es el vestido transparente bordado, pero como llevarlo? Mientras en Hollywood es el vestido “IT” de las alfombras rojas, en un contexto mas realista puede ser complicado, así que considera el uso de apropiada ropa interior en nude, o combinación en el caso de los maxi. Los tops y camisas en malla bordada son menos demandantes y se pueden llevar con un brasier o top interior negro para contraste en las noches, pero una práctica idea para llevarlos en mas ocasiones y horarios es con una camisa por debajo y pantalones básicos o denim para un look mas casual.

Find the trend here 

Embroidery maxi dress, Australian fashionCynthia Rowley – (Find similar style here and here )

Embroidery skirt, Australian fashionAJE

2. Jeans with ornament / Jeans con ornamento

Jeans stand for freedom, simplicity, and everything practical,  but the right dose of detail can make them go from basic to art!

Los Jeans hablan de libertad, simplicidad y funcionalidad, pero la dosis justa de detalle los lleva de básicos a puro arte!

Find the trend here 


Cynthia Rowley

3. Say it without words …. with statement pieces / Para decirlo sin palabras, piezas declarativas

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but bolt texts are just perfect for those  keen to send a message out there

sin ser la preferencia de muchos, los textos notorios y logos son perfectos para aquellos que buscan expresarse 

Discounted Universe (Similar trend here)

Discounted Universe (Similar trend here)

4. Camouflage Coat / Abrigo camuflado

If Leopard Coat was king for fall 2016, the new staple for 2017 is the camouflage coat

Si el abrigo con estampado de leopardo fue un hit en 2016, el camuflado se impone en 2017

5. And from bold and loud to effortless cutting edge

Y de notorio y ruidoso a avanzado sin esfuerzo

If the previous trends are a bit too much, take the alternative way, – minimal chic and monochromes for a clean cut allure that remains always new.

Si las tendencias anteriores son un exceso para algunos, siempre hay una ruta alterna – Minimalismo chic y monocromáticos para ese aire impecable y moderno siempre vigente


6. Denim contrast, Patchwork, and double toned trousers /

Denim en contraste, parches y doble tono

Why not? The perfect way to renovate your old denim pieces, by adding patches or extending the length, seriously no need to buy new ones!

Por qué no? El modo perfecto de renovar tus viejas piezas en denim, agregando parches o extendiendo su largo, en serio, no hay necesidad de comprar nuevos!

Trends spring summer 2017TOME – (Similar style here)

 TOME – (Similar style here)

7. The It blouse – New Victorian! La blusa It, Neo Victorian

The comeback of past times, nothing like a statement blouse to built a whole outfit, the 19th century’s allure is present with voluminous sleeves and ruffle collars with a new take – wear them with jeans and leather pants for that explosive mix of soft and strong!

El regreso de antaño, nada como una blusa declarativa que construta un atuendo por si sola. El encanto del siglo 19 se hace presente con prendas de mangas voluminosas y cuellos de volantes con un toque de novedad. Llévalos con jeans o pantalones en look de cuero para una mezcla explosiva de sutil y fuerte!


8. Statement Sleeves – Mangas Declarativas

Ok, leaving the victorian trend on one side,  one of most sophisticated accents this season – detailed and generous sleeves!

Sin hablar exclusivamente de blusas victorianas, las mangas generosas y detalladas se imponen como acento de sofisticación 

Statement sleeves trend 2017

9. Leather look pants are a timeless must/ Pantalones con look de cuero son un “must”

There is no need to wait for fall or winter to rock leather pants, vegan textures and other synthetic materials are quite lightweight, so you can add that strong edge to your night out outfits!

Por qué esperar al otoño o invierno para lucir tus pantalones de cuero? Las texturas veganas y sintéticas son suficientemente ligeras para llevar ese toque fuerte a tus looks nocturnos incluso en primavera y verano!

Similar style here 

Jennifer Kate

Leather pants trend 2017TOME

10. And of course, The Little Leather Dress / Y por supuesto, el mini vestido de cuero

Looking for a flawless killer look, look no further with a little leather dress, the ultimate rebel chic staple!

Quieres un look retador y e impecable? No busques mas, el mini vestido de cuero es el epítome de rebeldía chic!

Find similar style here 

Jennifer Kate

Rebecca Vallace

11. Polka Dots

Playful, bold and somewhat quirky, polka dots never go out of style ..

Vivaces, extravagantes y en cierto modo alternativos, el estampado en polka dot nunca pasa de moda


12. Jumpsuits

Comfort and glamor in one garment, need more reasons?

Confort y glamour en una sola pieza, necesitas mas razones?



13. Colorful Tights / Medias coloridas

Yes, tights use to be boring and somewhat demodé, but not anymore, turn a classic look into hip by adding tights in your favorite tone!

Si, las medias solían ser aburridas y en cierto modo entradas en desuso, pero ya no, torna un look clásico en uno trendy, con tan solo agregar medias en tu tono favorito! 

Yuma Koshino


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Chanel Autumn Winter 2017

“It’s a journey through the sky, to the heart of constellations, in the wake of the astronaut Thomas Pesquet,” says Karl Lagerfeld – The Chanel Autumn Winter collection embraces the future with the Centre de lancement N°5 décor in the heart of the Grand Palais and at the foot of an immense 37 meter-high rocket, 90 models reach for the stars wearing boots scintillating like diamond constellations and headbands embroidered with crystals or faux pearls.

An ode to space and constellations, where the iconic tweed suit and other classic staples are once again reinvented and enhanced with electric blue and purple shades, sparkles and sequins, as well as iridescent thread, and beaded braids. Other eye catchy and statement garments and complements stood out such as the wrists covered with long silvery fingerless gloves, wide-cut trousers with double crêpe turn-ups and bubbling vinyl pieces imitating the surface of unexplored planets.

As if ready to receive helmets before heading into outer space, the collars of jackets and dresses in sparkling tweed, satin or double crêpe are high, round and rigid. On the same principle, evening dresses and blouses in chiffon printed with astronauts, play with vertical gravity on jewelled collars resembling Saturn’s rings.

In terms of accessories, the BOY CHANEL bag is enriched with a shiny chevron motif, the iridescent clutches are XXL, the minaudières take on the shape of a rocket or a planet and new versions of CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag come in metallic leather.

#CHANELGroundControl #CHANELFallWinter

Chanel fall winter looks

Image Courtesy of Chanel