Outfit Post – Sightseeing Choice

Second day in Miami for photo opportunities and why not another outfit post, regarding ” tourist in trouble” – as a woman not knowing exactly what the weather is gonna be like could be big deal, you don´t want to be overdressed or what´s worst not according to the event, whatever the case is. Like me lately, sightseeings on a two level bus  are nothing but fun if you are conveniently dressed, otherwise strong winds apart from ruining your hair might make you feel cold. Other times sun exposure without protection such as sunblock or a simple hat would cause sunburns.

So I´m wearing  a light jacket to feel confortable just in case it gets windy for the speed ( actaully it was windy )  a scarf for the same reason, and a cap to protect my face from the sun, apart from the basic skirt and top most girls would take to a place like Miami. These photos were taken around Bay Side before my tour – later I´ll share my sightseen pictures !

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