Lisbon Insight with Ana Carneiro

As a new feature to keep our readers updated with travel issues, Trends Vip showcases  a new section dedicated to interesting and iconic destinations around the world:  travel tips, ” must see ” spots and everything you need to know if planning vacations overseas has been on your mind for a while or if you are all ready to go.  So why not get an insight from adventurous bloggers who decided to share their personal views and experiences? Featuring Ana Carneiro, a fashion blogger who doesn´t  just write about style and fashion, but about her journeys to the old continent, in a blog called ” My  Own Project “.  Trends Vip talked to her and asked some questions about her recent stay in Lisbon

 Trends Vip – Why did you want to visit Lisbon ?  A.C  – My main reason to visit Lisbon is it´s historic sites, since Lisbon has monuments dating back to Pre-Roman times. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, it predates most european cities! What’s interesting is that the city evolved in a way that such places co-exist in a effortless way with modern architecture, and you have an old building next to amazing 21st century graffitis!

Trends Vip – Places you found interesting? A.C -There are several great museums in Lisbon. I recommend Centro Cultural de Belém, commonly called of CCB, which is a modern art museum. The entry is free and you can take pictures inside. The collection includes Dali’s, Vasarely’s, Cézanne’s, etc.

Trends Vip – On your impressions, which places you recomend people should see?   A.C – Take a day to walk around the quarters of Bairro Alto (literally, Upper Quarter) and Chiado, these are the trending quarters at the moment. Bairro Alto is filled with traditional looking houses, but in the night, when the restaurants and bars open, the streets get crowded and you can walk in and out of bars, dance and have some fun. Pickpockets are sure to be around, make sure to take a bag, not a clutch, that would be too easy to rob. Chiado, on its turn, is one of the nicest quarters, nice shops and nice restaurants. I loved walking around this quarter! In between both quarters, on Praça de Camões, is Bairro Alto Hotel, a 5 star hotel. Even if you’re not staying here, it is worth going up to the bar in the last floor and drink an Ice Tea, it’s made fresh when you order it and it’s one of the best I have ever tried. I spent two weeks there, which basically means I went to the beach a bunch of times!  You don’t need that long to get to know the city, i would recommend 5 to 7 days.

Another great place to go is Sintra, filled with romantic architecture and gardens, you’ll fall in love with this place! Some of the best writers of the last two centuries wrote their best novels there, with a reason: it is like a dream, but you’re awaken! Hopefully the pictures will give you an insight of it, all I can say is that I can’t wait to go back.

Trends Vip –  One of most concerning aspects when it comes to travel is weather, can you describe what was the weather like during you stay?   A.C – The weather is usually sunny and the air is a bit dry, which means that nights don’t get cold as easily as in other places. Even when it is cloudy, the light is blinding, so make sure to pack your best sunnies!

Trends Vip – A typical Lisbon street  scene :  A.C – In Lisbon, many people have the habit of ‘making time’ in the cafés, the coffee shops, so you’ll rarely enter an empty café! Also, you’ll often find people exercising by the river banks, and everyone loves the beach, so most locals have a dark sun tan.

Trends Vip – For visitors it´s crucial to know how to move from one place to another, so in your experience which was the best way to get around?  A.C – The underground, or Metro, is a very cheap and effective means of transportation, but there are also trams (eléctricos) that go to most places that aren’t covered by underground lines. If you’re thinking about going to Sintra (north of Lisbon) or Costa da Caparica (south), the best option is to rent a car.

Trends Vip – Regarding gastronomy, what would you recommend people should try if they visit lisbon ?  A. C  – The local dishes you should definitely try are grilled sardines and Açorda de Gambas, a traditional dish made with bread, prawns and its stock (really delicious). All fish in this area is fresh, so I highly recommend it. Other than that, you’ll probably find some sweets in the pastry shops you’re not familiar with, give them a try! I would recommend Jesuítas and Chila pastries.

Trends Vip – Last but not least, what would be a reasonable amount of time to experience the best of Lisbon?  A. C –  I spent two weeks there, which basically means I went to the beach a bunch of times! You don’t need that long to get to know the city, I would recommend 5 to 7 days.

So there you go, a small but usefull introduction for vacations in Lisbon,  if you have more questions visit Ana and check out her full coverage of this beatifull place  here

Image Credit : Ana Carneiro & Tomás Peixoto



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  • These are great tips (and wonderful, inviting photos!) but I’d just say that the tip regarding Sintra isn’t exactly right: You’re better off taking the train than renting a car. Not only is parking in Sintra scarce, you can easily reach the town by train, in 40 minutes from Lisbon’s central Rossio Station. Transport info:

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