Homemade Honey Lip Balm Ultra Moisturizing

Homemade Honey Lip Balm Ultra Moisturizing

Usually we think about lips as one more element of our face and beauty, and rarely realize the fact they´re  also skin, a very soft and fragil one at that, victim of daily agressions like weather, harsh gestures, and arguably the most radical one  – make up.  After all  cosmetics are mostly composed of chemicals, and talking lipstick it´s components easily penetrate the soft skin of our lips.  There are plenty of products we could use to minimize damages but they only represent temporary effectiveness , like vaseline which makes your lips look moisturized only on the outside.  Vaseline is a petroleum derivate, not very attractive proposition for a beauty/care product,  and something to consider  when it comes to eco policies: if we cut down consumption  of oil-derived products, we’re helping to reduce our  oil dependency.  So then what´s needed is a product made from a natural and organic renewable resource, and as nature always offers the best alternatives in this case it´s honey.  With this blessed ingredient and a few more you could have  a homemade, natural super moisturizing lipbalm,  so  try this super easy  recipe!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Double boiler  : You’ll need this to melt your wax and butters. You can also use a glass bowl or jar immersed halfway in a pot of boiling water.

3-4 Tablespoons of Beeswax : Beeswax is your base and will give your balm a thick, creamy consistency

3 Tablespoons of Raw Shea Butter: Super moisturizing, healing, and a natural sunscreen.

2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil : Antioxidant rich and penetrates your skin quickly, allowing for maximum absorption.

2 teaspoons of honey: Natural humectant (draws moisture from the air), skin softener, natural preservative, and great tasting

Essential Oil of choice (optional): Essential oils have healing properties, kill bacteria, and add a hint of flavor to your balm

Grapefruit seed extract : Natural preservative.

Small hand wisk or electric mixer : To provide your balm a nice smooth consistency.

Once you have all these elements follow this procedure:

In your double broiler or pot, slowly melt beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter.

1 -Once melted, remove from heat and beat with your mixer as it cools. Be patient, it takes a little while for your mixture to thicken.

2- Scrape any mixture from the sides of the bowl, mixing it back in.

3- Once your base has started to thicken and has cooled considerably, add honey and whip again. The longer you whip the base, the thicker your balm will be : For a thinner balm, add more oils, For a thicker balm, add more beeswax

4- Once your balm is the desired consistency, add 2 drops of essential oil (always be careful when handling EO) and 2-3 drops of grapefruit seed extract if you need a preservative.

5- Stir lightly one last time to blend in the EO and grapefruit seed extract.

6- Spoon mixture into lip balm jars.

Now you´re ready to enjoy  and get the benefits of your organic lip balm. Don´t forget you can also try with different ingredients to add flavours and and even a  touch of color!


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