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It’s been a while since I last posted an outfit, but given that last week we had MBFWA here in Sydney I thought I would share this look with you guys. Deciding what to wear at fashion week can bring some concern for the fashion and image conscious who want to make a good impression or perform a street style hit. Truth is once at the venue you’ll see there was no need for drama and anything goes, some chose to carry a glamorous styling while others simply go for the very urban and sporty – you can get away with anything as long as you feel great in it!

In my case I went for this combo from Marks & Spencer that fuses both glamourous and urban allure. If you noticed some weeks before I had the opportunity to experience shopping at their new Australian website, I had ordered this gorgeous bomber jacket and jacquard skirt that by coincidence are a perfect match given their eastern prints and theme. Delivery was fast and I received alerts regarding my parcels progress along the way. No surprises at all as I received exactly what I ordered and they even looked better once in my hands, but since the weather was pretty hot until not long ago I decided to save it precisely for fashion week, it was a knock out don’t you think? ..Where to get the look below

Ha pasado un tiempo considerable desde que publique un atuendo por aquí, pero dado que la semana pasada tuvimos Fashion Week en Sydney, quise compartir el siguiente look. Decidir que vestir durante una semana de la moda puede involucrar cierta consideración sobre todo para los conscientes de la imagen quienes quieren causar una buena impresión o ser protagonistas de un hit de estilo urbano. La verdad es que, una vez en tal escenario, todo vale.  Algunos se eligen estilismos glamorosos mientras que otros se van por lo deportivo y urbano, puedes salirte con la tuya con todo aquello que te haga sentir de maravilla!

En mi caso fui por este combo de Marks & Spencer. Si notaron anteriormente en mis redes que tuve la oportunidad de comprar en su nuevo sitio para Australia, había ordenado esta linda bomber jacket y falda en jacquard que casualmente armonizan en tema. El envío y tuve asistencia desde el principio. Al recibirlo cero sorpresas y recibí justo lo que esperaba, incluso lucia mejor, pero dado que el clima no estaba para chaquetas hasta hace poco, decidí guardar las prendas para la semana de la moda,…durante la cual fue todo un hit, no creen? ..Links al final de la nota.

Bomber jacket , over the knee boots street style australia fashion week

insta 3 s

Bomber jacket street style australia fashion week

D&G New style glasses

insta 7ss

IMG_5296 ss

insta 12 s

Bomber jacket , over the knee boots street style australia fashion week

Marks & Spencer Bomber Jacket find it here 

Marks & Spencer skirt, find it here 

Bardot  boots

 D&G Sunglasses

Gucci Bag

As for the fashion week schedule, an image from the TOME show, see the full runway here

En cuando a mi agenda en MBFWA, una imagen del show de TOME, ver nota aqui

IMG_5932x s

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