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Fashion fairs season is continuing … this time on the other side of the emisferio … Australia, showing with a deployment without precedent in the international passenger Terminal with the unparalleled view of Sydney Hairbour and the Sydney Opera House, its best exponents of design to the world.  Not only the fashion of Australia takes place in the fair but of Asia Pacific; trends Vip, brings you a report from leading designers and the best shows throughout the event. Then the revival of a renowned veteran in the world of fashion with a history of 30 years – Lisa Ho, who after a long absence in the catwalks, presented a lively and colorful proposal on the Mercedez Benz show. Vibrant tones among the electrical and acids, textures alternate with floral print metal were the traits of his collection … .disfrutala ….!

This years fashion season continues it´s course, & this time of year it´s off to Australia.  Held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, with the backdrop of stunning Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House, the cream of the crop in Australian fashion excellence gets it´s chance to shine amongst the eagerly awaiting global fashion press & trend watchers. Is not just about Australian Fashion but Asia Pacific; trends Vip sets out to report on the main designers & best shows throughout the event. Next up we take a look at the comeback of well known veteran guru, Lisa Ho, who with her 30 year career has been surprisingly absent in recent years. At the recent Mercedes Benz show in Sydney we saw some vibrant tones, among them electric & acid, metallic textures with floral prints some of the main features we saw in her collection, enjoy!




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