In The Big Aple

In The Big Aple

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Little is that can be said of the Big Apple you've not heard already and that you've not seen references in tv and film, but the truth is that praise enough for a city that has been source of inspiration to the world there is. Its vibrant avenues and their epicentres well have earned it its reputation for great metrópoli…. either for business, study or pleasure, NY will exceed your expectations

Manhattan view from Empire State building

Considered by many – A vast jungle concrete, because of its impressive architecture with more than 4000 skyscraper, figure record worldwide, part of one of the more famous panoramic.-among which are distinguished style Neo Gothic buildings, and art deco as the Chrysler building, considered by many as the best in the city. Next to the residential districts, where the buildings predominate style terrace with the traditional plating of stone, some date back to 1870.

New York has many attractions, and is therefore required much time to scrutinize the many places of interest, but also offers the great advantage of having nearby epicenters, and if you're in Manhattan a long but pleasant walk will take you, unforgettable corners.

As one of the cities most visited in the world and for its hectic pace of life, New York does not sleep … in its streets, the action is 24/7,   The scenes depicted in famous series like Sex & the City, come to life on the streets of Manhattan …. Commons walks through central park or its travel in a carrosa, offer the viewer a view of dream with an attractive partcular according to the season is going through …. here is a picture at the end of winter – dry trees to give New York its favorite stamp

Another Park of interest is Bryant Park, famous for serve as a stage for major fashion shows, especially in the autumn winter season, and continued to the New York Public Library

Bryant Park

The New York Public Library

By its high skyscrapers, perhaps a distant perspective you need to get a better impression of the place; take a boat and explore the Hudson river, will take you through characteristic points, giving you a clear view of its architecture. You can see three sections comprising Manhattan, Uptown – its sector more residential, Mid Town - where are concentrated the majority of hotels, shops, restaurants and other places of entertainment and Down Town or lower Manhattan, its business district. The journey along the River culminates with a stop in front of the banner of the United States - the statue of liberty;

Up Town – Manhattan
View of Mid Town Manhattan


View of lower Manhattan from Hudson River

 But if you are looking for is a vibrant website that stimulates your senses Times Square is the site for you, located in Mid Town is the epicentre of theatrical activity and known for being the meeting point of welcome in the new year; but it is not enough, at times you feel in a futuristic city, its rhythm and convergence of tourists from different parts of the world, add a unique charm. Here a busy decision by reason of the irlándesa of St Patrick´s Day celebration, March 17

Wall Street, another Street to be visit in New York, by its reference in the economy of the United States, there you can appreciate one of the many buildings of Donald Trump, the stock market so as live closely the pace of their work activity.

 Finishing the trip in this sector, you will find another who will fill many of your interests, is the famous Soho district, which in part be residential, is also known as an epicenter with artistic and Bohemian, atmosphere equipped with countless and cozy cafes and restaurants, as well as various shops of designer and the very booming New Age. ….. Broadway one of its main streets, is constituted from beginning to end in a paradise of shopping …... 

The dream of shopping in New York is not unattainable and could not be complete without visiting Fifth Avenue or Fifth Avenue, which houses the most famous brands of fashion, but surprisingly offers various alternatives for all budgets, such is the case of the H & M brand that is emerging as a new leader in Ready to Wear-innovative and versatile clothing for all tastes and ages at incredible prices.  As if outside little Fifth Avenue offers its visitors fun … a few steps away from the Michael Kors store, you Annita Rockefeller Center, with its crowded ice skating for right-handers and beginners

Finally, a visit to New York must include in its ” list to see ” the famous Empire State building, chronicled in multiple and romantic movies, such is the case of King Kong, and Sleepless in Seattle; You extasiar with the exuberant view of New York, from an 86th floor, or pay a little more for a perspective from the 102nd floor, but due to the Observatory at this level is limited by glass, I recommend from my own experience the view afforded by the 86th floor

The Interior of the Empire State

If ever you think Carry Bradshaw on Sex & the City exaggerated on the virtues of New York, it really fell short in praise, the Big Apple is all a tourist delight. 



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