Cruel Fashion – The Truth Behind Your Fur Coat

Español Fur “ The Hottest Fashion Item right now  ”To carry the latest coats and vests as celebs do could be a dream for many, but behind the charm and glamour these luxurious pieces distill in fashion campaigns and catwalks, including pieces by regarded designers, there is a dark story that although heard before, people seem to ignore, not because they don´t care but because they don´t realize just how horrific these practices are. Each year millions of animals are brutally  sacrificed for fashions sake. Both select and unaware clients (mostly aware) and able to pay ridiculous prices for these products and pieces made of real fur and taken from animals in danger of extinction. They  seem oblivious to the tragic background of their expensive buy. A fur coat most times is seen as just that, nothing but a beautiful and sumptuous material from a prestigious house of fashion, far removed from the cruel killing that preceded the end product.

In times of supposed civilization it would seem illogical to follow the same practices as the cave man, who was forced to kill animals to preserve his and his families life and use it´s fur to protect himself from merciless weather. But in times where we have endless resources of all types, with other sustainables and more importantly supposed benevolent behaviour, the ones who whether consciously or unconsciously buy these items are supporting the barbarity that causes so much pain and destruction to innocent species, many which are on the verge of extinction. As consumers we should be responsible and at least verify the source materials used in products we buy and clothes are no exception .

If some people out there still think that hunters dedicated to this activity use rifles that cause instant death to the animal they should know that the reality is far different. It´s no secret that methods used to take the fur of animals like baby seals in Canadá and Greenland involves skinning, and once removed the animals are piled on one another while still alive in agony. Most times a final hit to the skull is used to kill the animal, which sometimes fails.

Those who settle on a much cheaper version, whether a copy made of supposed imitation fur or synthetic material might be cheated. Due legal regulations against illegal hunting many traffickers and suppliers found an alternative no less cruel. There are farms whose only purpose is to raise dogs destined to be sacrificed to obtain their fur, and elaborate what most people knows as “ fake ” or cheap fur. After a two year investigation by the Humane Society of the United States in New York City they found the truth behind an establishment which had been advertising and selling fur products as blankets, vests and gloves, once the samples where taken to a laboratory they found it was made with dog fur.

Images illustrating these practices are too explicit and painful to watch, but they´re also available to everyone who is interested in channels like youtube, where videos of brutal killings have been uploaded for all to see.

It´s unfortunate that with all the callings from worldwide organizations defending animal rights, many of the well known brands still insist in promoting coats and other pieces made with authentic fur. In Countries like China and Russia these events are very common and in a massive way. Depending on the size of the animal, for example in the case of seals, it takes at least ten to create one coat, about 60 for a mink coat and in the case of foxes 15. Those who think of themselves as animal lovers just for the fact that they like dogs and cats should know that illegal hunting doesn´t discriminate and what sells as fox could in reality be a dog fur.

The problem doesn´t end there. Australian Ugg boots have fans around the world. Sheep wool is used in their production, with ethic procedures that involve no harm to the animal. But many manufacturers of fake versions are now using raccoon fur, tagging it as sheep wool. What most people ingnore is that this creature is skinned alived. See images  here

Although many laws have been created against illegal trade and production of some species, particularly in Europe, the black market and irresponsible consumption make this battle harder. So before you get blinded by the extravagance of the most sumptuous fur coat of the season, ask yourself what it looked like while it was still part of a living creature, think of the torture it had to endure to create this non essential product. Don’t contribute to this barbaric and often illegal practice, you don’t need fur to look great and animals need it more than you.

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