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Whether you´re browsing new trends,  looking for  inspiration, or simply  want to get an insight from a city´s perspective, you´d like to know there is a new spot for those seeking fashion related themes and topics. Blog and The City (BATC) brings the professional fashion bloggers from around the entire world into just one network, focusing on the personal style bloggers. We organize the bloggers by the cities they are based in and are always in search for new ones. We find it interesting to relate bloggers and cities together, since a city can be a determining factor for the bloggers possibilities. More and more bloggers are invited to big press events; some are even sitting front row at the international fashion weeks. It is also noticeable that more bloggers are moving to other cities. Perhaps one with more possibilities for them into the fashion world. We are curious about their reasons, experiences and about their favorite entertainment facilities of that particular city.

The aim of this network is to show the best personal style bloggers related to the cities they are living in. We would like to highlight what values a certain city is giving them and how it carries them closer to the fashion world. We will accomplish this by inviting the bloggers to write a column subjecting these aspects.




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